custom orders

Why custom illustration?

I believe that every life and every story deserves it's own illustration.

There is obvious beauty in big, special, extraordinary ocassions like weddings or anniversaries.

But I am sure you can find loveliness also in a every simple thing in your life. Everyday, common, so called "gray" duties can be colorful. Everyday routines can be a poetry. I wish to show you that every moment of YOUR life is worth to illustrate it becasue your life is the most wonderful fairytale. I hope my illustration will show you it even more clearly.

You've trusted me a lot of personal stories and I've illustrated a lot of custom orders.

I've illustrated stories as a presents for beautiful anniversaries. Children orders illustration for anniversaries of their parents. Parents order illustrations as a presents for their kids. Husbands ordered illustrations as a presents for their wives and wives ordered illustrations for their husbands. 

I've painted illustrations for couples as a memory of marriage. I've illustrated even two stories from brothers who ordered them as a present for sisters!

I've illustrated some special illustrations for babtise or  first comunion.  


What you should know before ordering illustration.

- I am making all pictures in "my style" (colorful, crazy and "turned on the head") but if you have any wishes about colour palette, compostition, etc. I wish to know them! If you love pink and wish pinky illustration just write it - I will make it more pinky for you. If you like any of my illustrations (check out my protfolio) more than other because of colors, mood or composition please let me know.

Knowing that will make my job easier and it is more likely that you will like the result.

- I'm painting all pictures for order in my favorite traditional technique. Nothing is digital here! Due to this there is no possibilty for changes, as it takes to paint a new picture, so it is risky and you really have to trust me or just love my style! 

Please be aware that I am not making "real" portraits.

People on the picture will be painted like "illustrations" not like realistic portraits (dont search for a lot of simmilarities;) 

- Picture I paint for order is only yours. It means I will never reproduce it or sell any copy. I will just take a photo of the picture for my arhives and portfolio. 

- Ordering custom illustration means you buy original picture but NO copyrights!

- usually it takes me about 3 week to finish a picture. But please contact me about possibilities. 

Pictures are usually shipped without frames in a cardboard tube or hard envelope. But there is also possibilty to have a frame. We talk about shipping individually. As all shipping cost are on your side you can choose between post or couriers services. 

- size and cost:

 I am usually painting illustractions in two sizes.

A4 is about 250€

A3 is about 350€
But if you have different wishes we can always talk about it.

I have already painted A2 sized custom orders.

How to order custom illustration?

To make an illustration for you I need to know your story.

I will need photographies of people and places you wish to have on ilustration and of course I need your description, You will send me all via emial after contacting me. 

The more I know about your story the better is.

I can draw your favourite people, hobby, clothes, colors, animal, plants - whatever you wish to make your illustrations special, one in a kind and very "yours".

For placing order please contact me: mari.szmatula@gmail.com