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I invite you to enjoy the world of my work and projects. 

at home


I consider my pictures as illustrations to the stories written by everyday life.

Illustrations are painted on paper in my favorite technique in which I mix watercolor, ink, pencils and colored pencils. Most of these illustrations ar A4 or A3 size.

Every frame is filled with a story and has it's own intimate world. 

Ljubljana, watercolor, ilustration


I fall in love in Ljubljana for the first time I visited this city.

It was "love for the fist sight", and after few hours spent in the city I knew I would live here.

Following the voice of my heart I moved to Ljubljana after one year and from that time Ljubljana is all the time present in my art. 

I just cannot help myslef.

I just love this city with all it's streets, big and tiny houses, with parks, hills, all coffee shops, the Ljubljanica river and the castle above it.

It is hard to find a picture by me without some Ljubljana reminder (even if it only me who see it :).

Some of my pictures with Ljubljana were reproduced as greeting cards, notebooks or prints and are avaiable in my e-shop.



I love travelling and collecting visual memories from all the journeys.

My big inspiration for my landscapes is Slovenia, it's beautiful nature and very diverse landscape. My heart is aslo full with my beloved homeland - Poland that is why maybe you feel a pinch of melancholy in my pictures.

cats music.jpg


I am a cat lover (who doesn’t have a cat and wishes to have a Border Collie:)

I love to observe cats and "capture" them in all those bizarre and funny situations in which only cats can be caught.

Those who live with a cat know what I mean…

I think I sholud make such series about dogs too!

voscilnica 6.jpg

winter time

For me winter time means Christmas time. December is a month of joy, festive and magic. 

Almost every year I make some new Christmas pictures.

A lot of them were reproduced as greeting cards and prints. All are aviable in my e-shop.

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