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Every Angel Guardian is an original picture.

Painted with watercolors and ink on the best quality non acid paper.

You can choose one from already painted Angels or order a speciel one.



For my originals I use only the best quality, non-acid papers.

I paint in my favourite technique mixing watercolors with ink and pencils.


Orignal painting is something very special.

It is very desired by colletors who value and appreciate the meaning of original art work. 

Every original picture is only one  in a kind and if you don't want to miss any new orignal piece  than join the collectors club and get early access or first looks at all original artwork I add into my shop. 


Custom illustration

I believe every life and every history is worth of of being illustrated. 

If you look for something very, very special for yourself or for your beloved the best choice is to order a custom original illustration. 

I drink my coffee and tea from my favorite mug.

I wish to use this very special vintage mugs design so well known in Poland, and decore it with one of my best-loved house motive. I made a VERY LIMITED  mug collection and there is just few of them still available in my shop.

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