My name is Maria Magdalena but my friends call me Marysia or simply MiMi (combined from the first letters of my name). I am illustrator and designer living in Slovenia.

The technique that I adore to use is watercolor and ink. I often mix them with pencils. 

Painting just makes me happy, it is that simple. 

I don’t like to complicate with the themes I use for my work, I rather try to capture the simplest moments and situations of everyday life. I love to illustrate stories written by life, because Life is definitely the most inspiring writer. 

Once the great writer Hans Chistian Andersen said two wise things:

 “Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale. 


“Every man's life is a fairy tale, written by God's fingers.” 

I am trying to keep it in my mind. 

I use my illustrations also for other project like designing postcards, greeting cards, notebook, room decorations and other. My latest project which takes a half of my heart are Mimice. And you are very welcome to read about it more

Please get in touch if you're interested in commissions, collaborations, chats and all sorts. I look forward to hearing from you.

In the past my work has been shown in a few exhibitions. Some of them are:

  • Solo exhibition in "Artbutik", Ljubljana, Slovenija 2017

  • Solo exhibition in "LGL", Ljubljana, Slovenija 2017

  • Solo exhibition in "Gostilnica Pri Škofu", Ljubljana, Slovenija 2015

  • Solo exhibition in Osrednja Knjižnica Celje, Celje, Slovenija 2014

  • Solo exhibition of paintings in “Bar Cameral”, Koper, Slovenija 2014

  • Exhibition organizated by Polsih Ambassy in Slovenija, “Poljski dnevi v Škofija Loka”, Škofija Loka, Slovenija 2013

  • Solo exhibition of watercolors in Celica Hostel, Ljubljana 2012

  • Solo exhibition of watercolors in Galerija Kašča, Radovljica 2012

  • Exhibition of young illustrators on The Book Fair in Poznan, Poland, 2012

  • Exhibition organizated by Polsih Ambassy in Slovenija, “Poljski dnevi na Bledu”, Bled 201

  • Exhibition “Dnevi Srbske Kulture”, Kočevje 2011

  • Award for best souvenir of the Kočevje Municipality, 2011 (“NAJ spominek občine Kočevje”)

  • Solo exhibition  “Domovini” (The Two Homelands), Galerija Laterna, Črnomelj 2011

  • Solo exhibition  “Projekt Valentinovo” (Project Valentine's Day), Kočevje 2011

  • Solo exhibition  “Scene iz življenja mačk”(Scenes from the Lives of Cats), Črnomelj 2010

  • 1st place award at the international competition of Jackpot Company – a bag print project.

  • Painting exhibition „Relatos do quotidiano“, with Fernando de Sousa, Porto, Portugal, 2004.