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My name is Maria Magdalena but my family and friends call me Marysia. I am Polish illustrator and designer currently living with my family in Slovenia.

In my art I try probably all techniques but the one I really fall in love with is watercolor and ink. I often mix them with pencils. I love how it is unpredictable and simple. 

Painting just makes me happy, it is that simple and I don't hide behind big philosophy about my art.

I don’t like to complicate with the themes I use for my work, I rather try to capture the simplest moments and situations of everyday life. I love to illustrate stories written by life, because Life itself is definitely the most inspiring writer. I wish to perceive beauty in every so called "gray day".

Once the great writer Hans Chistian Andersen said two wise things:

 “Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale. 


“Every man's life is a fairy tale, written by God's fingers.” 

I am trying to keep it in my mind while working. 

I use my illustrations also for other project like designing postcards, greeting cards, notebook, room decorations and other.

I illustrated e-books for Kreda Magazyn, and a book for Homeschoolers in Slovenia. 

My My project which takes a half of my heart was also Mimice.

And you are very welcome to read about it more

Please feel welcomed to explore my portfolio get in touch if you're interested in commissions, collaborations, chats and all sorts.

I look forward to hearing from you.

In the past my work has been shown in a few exhibitions. Some of them are:

  • Solo exhibition in "Artbutik", Ljubljana, Slovenija 2017

  • Solo exhibition in "LGL", Ljubljana, Slovenija 2017

  • Solo exhibition in "Gostilnica Pri Škofu", Ljubljana, Slovenija 2015

  • Solo exhibition in Osrednja Knjižnica Celje, Celje, Slovenija 2014

  • Solo exhibition of paintings in “Bar Cameral”, Koper, Slovenija 2014

  • Exhibition organizated by Polsih Ambassy in Slovenija, “Poljski dnevi v Škofija Loka”, Škofija Loka, Slovenija 2013

  • Solo exhibition of watercolors in Celica Hostel, Ljubljana 2012

  • Solo exhibition of watercolors in Galerija Kašča, Radovljica 2012

  • Exhibition of young illustrators on The Book Fair in Poznan, Poland, 2012

  • Exhibition organizated by Polsih Ambassy in Slovenija, “Poljski dnevi na Bledu”, Bled 201

  • Exhibition “Dnevi Srbske Kulture”, Kočevje 2011

  • Award for best souvenir of the Kočevje Municipality, 2011 (“NAJ spominek občine Kočevje”)

  • Solo exhibition  “Domovini” (The Two Homelands), Galerija Laterna, Črnomelj 2011

  • Solo exhibition  “Projekt Valentinovo” (Project Valentine's Day), Kočevje 2011

  • Solo exhibition  “Scene iz življenja mačk”(Scenes from the Lives of Cats), Črnomelj 2010

  • 1st place award at the international competition of Jackpot Company – a bag print project.

  • Painting exhibition „Relatos do quotidiano“, with Fernando de Sousa, Porto, Portugal, 2004.


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