Who don't like trips to the ZOO?

Which kid don't like animals?

Even if we are not fans of keeping animals in the cages (but you have to admit that moden ZOOs have better and better conditions for animals and often they are the only one shelter for species on extinction) we like animals and our kids love animals! 

We have our private ZOO of favourite, rubber animals at home. 

On my illustrations animals are not in cages, they are happy and poster is perfect to bring some colour to yours animals lovers room :-)


  • Poster is a reproduction of watercolour illustration.

    The size is 30 x 40 cm.

    You can hang it on wall with washi-tape or you can framed it to make it look more elegant.

    (tip: it fits to most "ikea" frames ;)


  • We are sending posters rolled in a cardboard tube.

    Posters are too big to send them flat and rolling them is the best way to be sure they will come to you happyily and in "one piece". 

    Cardboard tube is really cool :-) After hanging your poster on the wall you can use the tube to play with your kid or just give it to your hamster - they will enjoy it :-)