Every city has this special place where people use to meet.

In my home city Wrocław it is usually "Pregiez" or "Fredra" (the monument of the famous Polish writer). In Ljubljana it is Prešeren Square. People use to say "se vidimo na Prešercu!" which means "Let's meet on Prešeren Square". And because it is in the middle of the city, and becasue it's the most turistic place right next to famous "tree-bridges", it is always, alwasy very crowded... And it is full of kissing couples too ;-)

Have you already kissed somebody on Prešeren Square? ;-)



  • Poster is a reproduction of watercolour illustration.

    The size is 30 x 40 cm.

    You can hang it on wall with washi-tape or you can framed it to make it look more elegant.

    (tip: it fits to most "ikea" frames ;)


  • We are sending posters rolled in a cardboard tube.

    Posters are too big to send them flat and rolling them is the best way to be sure they will come to you happyily and in "one piece". 

    Cardboard tube is really cool :-) After hanging your poster on the wall you can use the tube to play with your kid or just give it to your hamster - they will enjoy it :-)