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I've illustrated a lot of custom orders. 

Illustration as a birthday present, illustration for marriage anniversary, illustration for partner, illustration for sister, Illustration for father for hus 50th birthday, illustration for babtise as a little bit different present.

Here are just few of custom made illustrations.


I can make an illustration for you based on the pictures and description you send me via email after placing your order. 

I can draw your favourite people, hobby, clothes, colors, animal, plants - whatever you wish to make your illustrations special and one in a kind.

Please send pictures and description on


I am making all pictures in "my style" (colorful, crazy and turned on the head) but maybe you have some wishes about colours or compostition. 

If you love pink write it - I will make it more pinky for you.

Maybe on my web-page you find some pictures you like the most and you wish something simmilar in colours or composition or you just like mood of the picture?

Knowing that will make my job easier and it is more likely that you will like the result.

I make all pictures for order in traditional tehnique (watrcolours+ink+pencils). No digital!

Due to this there is no possibilty for changes, as it takes to paint a new picture, so it is risky and you really have to trust me or just love my style! 


Please be aware that I am not making "real" portraits!

People on the picture will be painted like "illustrations" not like portraits (dont search for a lot of simmilarities;) 

Picture made for order is only yours.

It means I will never reproduce it or sell any copy. I will just take a photo of the picture for my arhives and portfolio. 

Ordering custom made illustration you buy original pictures but NO copyright.


I need about 3 week to finish a picture. 

Pictures are shipped without frames in a cardboard tube or hard envelope (depends on size)


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