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It is great thing to have balcony! It is very cool especially if your are living in a block of flats :-) I love to have balcony and I cannot imagine myslef living in apartment without it (I'd probably feel like closed in a cage).

In spring we changed our balcony into additional room. Even if it's very small we love to sit there, drink coffee, read books, talk, chill, eat (once we even had a grill-party for three of ous;). In summer nights we light candles and make some romantic mood or watch movie on laptop. We have some herbs and flowers growing in pots and some friendly sparrowns pooping on our freshly washed lingerie.

It is so cool to have balcony. 

Balcony, poster 30 x 40 cm

  • Poster is a reproduction of watercolour illustration.

    I print posters on demend after you place your order in the best repro-studio in town. Please be patient and give us about two working days for making the best reproduction for you.

    You can choose between different sizes of giclee prints and one size of digital print.

    You can hang it on wall with washi-tape or you can framed it to make it look more elegant.

    (tip: it fits to most "ikea" frames ;)

    You can aslo order this picture also as a wallpaper!

    If you have any question please check FAQ. If you don't find answers there feel free to contact me using CONTACT FORM.

  • We are sending posters rolled in a cardboard tube.

    Posters are too big to send them flat and rolling them is the best way to be sure they will come to you happyily and in "one piece". 

    Cardboard tube is really cool :-) After hanging your poster on the wall you can use the tube to play with your kid or just give it to your hamster - they will enjoy it :-)


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