I fall in love in Ljubljana for the first time I visited this city.

It was "love for the fist sight", and after few hours spent in the city I knew I would live here.

Following the voice of my heart I moved to Ljubljana after one year and from that time Ljubljana is all the time present in my art. 

I just cannot help myslef.

I just love this city with all it's streets, big and tiny houses, with parks, hills, all coffee shops, the Ljubljanica river and the castle above it.

It is hard to find a picture by me without some Ljubljana reminder (even if it only me who see it :).

Some of my pictures with Ljubljana were reproduced as greeting cards, notebooks or prints and are avaiable in my e-shop.


Marysia Szmatuła Černe

E: mari.szmatula@gmail.com

T: +386 40 309 992





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